Taxing Nannies – Keeping the Taxman Happy

Taxing Nannies – Keeping the Taxman Happy

Avoid the potential nightmare of battling through forms and calculations, paying the wrong tax, getting fined £100 per month for late returns, dealing with the taxman etc.

Taxing Nannies is a specialist nanny payroll and nanny PAYE service that has helped thousands of parents like yourself through this minefield.

For just £20 per month (including VAT) we will take care of everything related to nanny tax issues including opening a nanny PAYE scheme, calculating nanny tax and National Insurance and providing regular payslips to your nanny, advising on Sick Pay and Maternity Pay, and handling all dealings with HM Revenue & Customs. (View our full list of payroll services.)

Taxing Nannies is the best nanny tax and payroll service, established in 1995.We have a very high ratio of staff to clients and are led by Sara Graff, a mother with much personal experience of employing a nanny as well as a Chartered Accountant and Member of the Institute of Taxation for over twenty years. The payroll service is highly personal, responsive and efficient – and, very inexpensive.

Employing a nanny brings with it the same obligations as any business taking on an employee. By law, therefore, an employer must account for Income Tax and National Insurance Contributions on the salary paid to a nanny or mothers help, whether they are full time, part time or temporary. A nanny’s salary is normally quoted net of deductions (i.e. the amount she wishes to receive in her hand), and it is therefore the employers responsibility to pay over to PAYE, Employees National Insurance and Employers National Insurance to HM Revenue & Customs in addition to the net salary paid to the nanny. Expenses paid in benefits provided on behalf of a nanny in addition to her salary may be liable to a separate charge to Tax and National Insurance.

Remember that avoiding the taxman is illegal. If HMRC catches up with an employer who has failed to declare their nanny for tax uk purposes or has tried to maintain that she is self-employed, then they will be liable to pay the correct Tax and National Insurance Contributions and interest and penalties. There is no legal right to seek repayment from the nanny.

Taxing Nannies would be happy to assist you should you be looking to outsource your payroll as at present Sara Graff carries out a tax and payroll service for employers of housekeepers, gardeners, butlers, drivers, cleaners and other domestic staff as well as running payrolls for a range of nurseries and other small businesses.

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